World Suicide Prevention Day

This post is based on my experience with suicidal thoughts and depression. I do not claim to be a doctor and know all the answers (even though doctors usually don’t know all the answers anyway) I’m simply sharing tips on what would have helped me and could have helped to prevent suicidal thoughts. I’ve seen my mum be depressed for 20+ years, I know whats helped her and what hasn’t. I’m also reading ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig; a brilliant author who like myself doesn’t have all the answers but knows from his own experience what it means to want to die and what it means to want to stay alive. I hope this post can help someone, if it helps ones person then it has served it’s purpose. Continue reading “World Suicide Prevention Day”

I Understand You, Kate

I did this illustration as a previous post on Female Creative Directors and it saddens me that I’m doing a separate one, dedicated to Kate Spade and her struggles. But here it is and I hope you get something from it, I hope you read it all and ignite your own spark inside to speak – because all we have is our precious time and each other  Continue reading “I Understand You, Kate”

13 Reasons Why // #MentalHealthAwareness

Image Credit // Adobe Stock © amirage #131286421

So the second season of 13 Reasons Why has started now and it’s a fight in court between the school and the parents, on who caused Hannah to take her own life. I love this series because it tackles many issues that are still dismissed despite being more relevant than ever   Continue reading “13 Reasons Why // #MentalHealthAwareness”