Second-hand Summer Styling

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for your style to shine as bright as your highlighter. There can be a lot of pressure to find the perfect dress: for weddings, beer gardens or even a family BBQ.ย  Continue reading “Second-hand Summer Styling”

Capture My Style // Photoshoot Pt.1

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, I wanted to be a blogger with a voice and only a voice but my wise mum made me realise that a voice needs a face – I love looking at other fashion bloggers personal style shoots, I didn’t think I could articulate my style exactly how I wanted but when you have the right people working with you, you can do that and more.

This was a collaboration was a part of a Final Major Project for 2 very talented photography students at Birmingham City University, Who want to educate their old skool teacher – making him realise there is a gap in a huge market for photographers wishing to specialise in blogger production and collaboration. Capture my style part one is a series of images showing the importance of sustainable style. All clothes here are either secondhand or hand me downs, exempt my white shirt which was from Lidl! Here we capture authentic style in the second city – not to mention the youngest in Europe that is booming not just for big businesses but for all the individual creatives that make the city so uniquely wonderful Continue reading “Capture My Style // Photoshoot Pt.1”

Days In Dubai

This is all based on experiences from March 2016 // For a city that is growing by the hour things will have changed // Please feel free to comment on your own experiences travelling in the UAEย 

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3 ways to Style: The Denim Corset

Wearing a corset that is not structured with boning or any kind of support can be a difficult to style. The key to pulling it off is to wear something under that has either pleats like the peplum top on the left or a piece that has an excessive amount of fabric like the white hoodie in the last of this series. This gives the corset the purpose it was invented for: to create a womanly curvaceous silhouette.

ย  Photography: Rebecca Chiversย 

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